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Welcome to Battle Ground Chiropractic

Why do we do what we do?

We believe in the Golden Rule and leaving things better than we found them.

This is the driving principal we live our lives by at home, at work and in our community. It’s how we have raised our two wonderful teenage children, and it’s how we treat our patients and community.

What do we do?

Spinal and extremity CMT (chiropractic manipulative treatment) aka: good old-fashioned chiropractic adjusting; including soft tissue and preparatory procedures such as heat, trigger point, massage, and flexion/distraction stretching.

Home Care Exercise instruction based on the healing needs of the condition, with the patient’s schedule and abilities in mind.

Stress/pain relief strategies including analgesic creams, self-massage techniques, nutritional strategies, hot/cold compress therapy, and others Ergonomic advice for home, car, and office

Diet and nutritional counseling

How do we do this?

By providing:

  • honest assessments of our patient’s conditions. We do not use fear tactics or chiropractic philosophy sales pitches to get our patients coming back for excessive amounts of care.
  • focused treatment plans based on each patient’s individual needs and medical necessity for the condition with which they present to our office. This may be one visit or a short trial of 3 to 4 visits for most conditions, or a little longer for more severe injuries and conditions.
  • the time needed to listen and understand our patient’s full health history and current symptoms so that we can thoroughly assess and treat them without being rushed.
  • science-based recommendations for home-care exercises, stress/pain relief strategies, nutritional counseling, ergonomic advice, and other treatment options.
  • Referrals to other medical providers when needed. Dr. Jeff considers himself as an integrated provider rather than an alternative care provider. We use the medical model in our assessments and treatments.

Serving the greater Battle Ground Washington area

Including Brush Prairie, Hockinson, Ridgefield, Woodland, Amboy, La Center, and surrounding areas

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